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Flower Arrangement in hotels

Flower Arrangement in hotels

Flower arrangement is an art and many florists and creative artists take this art very seriously. It’s not necessary that only exotic flowers are used to make beautiful flower arrangements. Magical creations are possible even with simple flowers and even wild flowers. There are several types of flower arrangement. Depending on the focal point, shape of the arrangement and the fillers used, there are 7 types of flower arrangements.

Horizontal Flower Arrangement-

A very shallow container is used to make this type of flower arrangement. It has a single big flower as the focal point and drooping flower branches are added to each side. Rose is the main flower used as the focal point in this type of flower arrangement. Horizontal flower arrangements are very low and hence are suitable for center table decorations.

Vertical Flower Arrangement-

It is a very tall flower arrangement. Very tall stems of flowers and leaves like tulips, roses and carnations are used for this type of flower arrangement. Shorter fillers like forget-me-not are used to make the arrangement look balanced.

Oval Flower Arrangement-

This type of flower arrangement has the brightest and tallest flowers in the center. The color and the size of the flowers are allowed to gradually reduce by degrees towards the sides. Oval flower arrangements look formal and hence it’s used mostly in formal settings.

Minimal Flower Arrangement-

This is a very popular type of flower arrangement used for indoor decoration. It uses very few flowers and concentrates more on the focal flower.

  • Crescent Flower Arrangement-

This type of flower arrangement is in the shape of the moon. Depending on the size of the crescent, curved shaped flower stems have to be selected. Flowers with flexible stems like gladiola and carnations can be used. Crescent flower arrangements are suitable for coffee table decoration.

  • Triangular Flower Arrangement-

This type of flower arrangement uses the tallest flower stems in the center while the smaller flowers are placed on the sides to maintain the triangular shape. Triangular flower arrangements are used mostly in wedding ceremonies.

  • Hogarth’s curve or lazy “s”-

This is the most complex type of flower arrangement. The flowers are arranged to form a ‘S’ shape. It requires a lot of professional skill to form Hogarth’s curve flower arrangement.

Scope of Hotel Management

There are many exciting job opportunities for hotel management graduates with  the increasing competition in the hotel industry. Since a hotel has many departments such as front office, Food and beverages , Accounting , Sales and marketing, Engineering / Maintenance , Security etc. one can opt for a field of their liking and pursue a career and successfully grow in it.

 Apart from jobs in Hotels  and restaurants,  hotel  management diploma holders / graduates can find good jobs in :

  1. Airline catering (Flight kitchen)  and cabin services.
  2. Club management
  3. Cruise ship hotel management
  4. Hospital administration and Catering
  5. Hotel and tourism associations
  6. Hospitalilty services in various MNCs.
  7. Forest lodges
  8. Guest houses ,Resorts
  9. Kitchen Management
  10. Catering departments of railways, banks, armed forces, shipping   companies etc.
  11. Catering departments of railways, banks, armed forces, shipping  companies etc.
  12. Hotel and catering institutes.
  13. Self employment ( as an entrepreneur)

Hospitality Industry

Hospitality Industry is exciting, always innovative, never boring and offers unlimited opportunities. Hospitality sector is flourishing at an exceptional pace. The business basically consists

of three capacities: management, kitchen and workers. All the three capacities when managed properly contribute in managing hospitality in an effectual way. To preserve long term and loyal relationships with the clients is the main aim of every business. Most of the countries face a huge challenge of being under roomed while the economy is emerging swiftly. This throws up a great opportunity for hospitality industry. A very efficient way hotels are employing to enhance revenue is providing services that increase customer loyalty. Now a days tourism business is well connected across the globe. Custom or tailor made packages and schemes are being offered to clientele globally for  almost all the destinations across the world. With advancement in technology, the business prospect has increased and the competition has also  become fierce. Complete bundle/ Package is the popular proposition among travelers these days. It ranges from worldwide hotel reservations, package tours , airport transfers , sight seeing  trips , freebies for children among others are being provided. Tourism companies are principally outsourcing online processing services and customized booking engines and others for improved visibility and customer contentment.

How tourism and hospitality affects a country growth-

Trade Business –  Apart from spending money on travel ,food and entertainment , most tourists buy diverse local  products and take them  back to their homes ,contributing to local  economy.

Employment-   With the growth of hospitality tourism business, additional   employment is created in a country. Several employment opportunities are offered by tourism business. These employment opportunities are related to different segments that are related to hospitality and tourism business.

Revenue-  Tourism and hospitality business in any country helps in creating more income for locals. Tourists pay   altered taxes to the government which helps the country to develop.  Tourists also   support the local   traders to receive   extra revenue and profits by shopping. The growth   of tourism and hospitality business offers multiple opportunities to small operators and communities.  This is why numerous developing as well as developed countries all around the world are encouraging this sector.

The Largest Hotel Chains In The World

These big-name companies own the largest amount of hotel chains with locations across the world.

A hotel chain is a group of hotels owned by one company. A hotel chain manages several hotels across different locations. They can be partial or total owners of the hotels, and they manage administration, promotion, and marketing.The chain provides similar services as a franchise in terms of management, for instance the brand, reservation system, and others, but in addition there is an agency agreement, meaning the brand operates the hotel and making day to day decisions on behalf of the owner. There are some hotels that exist as hotel chains in different parts of the world making them the shakers and movers of the hospitality industry.

The Largest Hotel Chains in the World

Wyndham hotel worldwide is the biggest hotel chain in the world by the number of hotels, having 8,092 hotels in 66 different countries found on six continents. Initially, Wyndham was founded in 1981 by Trammell Crow in Dallas, Texas as Wyndham Hotel Corporation but was later redeveloped as Wyndham Worldwide in 2006. The headquarters for Wyndham Worldwide are based in Parsippany-Troy Hills in New Jersey, United States. Wyndham Worldwide prides itself with more than 40,000 employees and their numerous hotels under 15 brands. The Wyndham group is best known for rewarding its frequent customers with loyalty points in over 7,700 Wyndham hotels worldwide, offering free airline tickets, gift cards, free nights, and much more. In 2013, Wyndham worldwide had revenues of $ 5,009.0 million and total assets valued at $ 9,741.0 million.

Marriott International

Founded in 1927 by John Willard Marriott as Marriott Corporation, Marriott International is the world’s third largest chain of hotels with 5,974 hotels in more than 110 countries. The multinational diversified hospitality company with over 199,929 employees is currently headed by Bill Marriott, a son to John Marriott. The company’s headquarters are based in the Washington, DC suburb of Bethesda, Maryland. Marriott International was incorporated following the division of Marriott Corporation into two companies, the Host Marriott Corporation and Marriott International. Aside from luxury and hospitality, Marriott International also involves itself in social issues such as poverty eradication, community development, child care, environment and global diversity.

Hilton Worldwide

Hilton Worldwide founded in 1919 in Cisco Texas by Conrad Hilton is an American multinational hospitality company currently headed by Christopher J. Nasseta. Hilton Worldwide is the fifth largest hotel chains in the world with 4,727 hotels in 104 countries and territories. With 14 brands across different market sectors, Forbes ranked Hilton Worldwide number 36 among the United States largest privately held companies before their IPO in December of 2013. The company’s headquarters are situated in Beverly Hills, California, and it prides itself on having approximately 164,000 employees in 2015. Hilton Worldwide has a total of 4,922 hotels as of December 2016.

Best Western Hotels

Best Western International is the seventh largest hotel chains in the world with 4,196 hotels and motels worldwide, half of which are located in North America. Best Western International is currently headed by CEO David Kong and was founded in 1946 by M. K. Guertin. Best Western International is considered one of the fastest growing hotel chains in Asia and the Middle East with revenue of $6 billion in 2012. In 2011, Best Western customized its slogan to ‘the world’s largest hotel family’ from “the world’s largest hotel chain”. The company also changed its branding system in 2011 to a new system with three tiers which include Best Western, Best Western Plus, and Best Western Premier. With about 1,254 employees in 2012, the company’s headquarters are based in Phoenix, Arizona, in the United States.

Other chain Hotels

There are other large hotel chains in the world with more properties in different locations and countries worldwide. Other popular large hotel chains include Choice Hotels which ranks number two with 6,429 hotels, and the Intercontinental Hotels Group ranked at number four with 5,070 hotels among others.

The Largest Hotel Chains in the World

Rank Hotel Chain Number of Properties
1 Wyndham Worldwide 8,092
2 Choice Hotels 6,429
3 Marriott International 5,974
4 InterContinental Hotels Group 5,070
5 Hilton Worldwide 4,727
6 AccorHotels 4,200
7 Best Western Hotels 4,196
8 Jin Jiang International 3,090
9 Home Inns 3,000
10 Motel 6 1,330
11 Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group 1,112
12 Vantage Hospitality 1,090
13 La Quinta Inns and Suites 889
14 Whitebread plc 700
15 Hyatt Hotels Corporation 667

Earn While You Learn Program at SYMK Institute of Hospitality Management


Earn While You Learn Program at SYMK Institute of Hospitality Management, New Delhi.

SYMK Institute of Hospitality Management, New Delhi is happy to announce the golden opportunity for those who wants to earn while they are learning. If you don’t want your parents or guardians to pay for your studies or any course, then SYMK brings you an opportunity for lifetime. We have specially crafted a 6-month hotel management certificate course. We have exclusive tie ups with hotels, restaurant, Bars, Clubs and Banquets. Our students of this program will work part time with these institutions and they will be paid a good sum of salary. These institutions require candidates for Stewards, Captains, Bar tender, Hostess and chef. Now students are already getting paid, they can pay the course fees in monthly installments.

This course is ideal for those who are financially weak or don’t want anyone help. The benefit of this course is that once the 6 months’ certificate course is completed, we will place the students in hotel in their choice of department. So after this course you get a full time job in 5-star hotel. During the course you will be taught all the aspects of hotel management which includes,

  • Food Production
  • Food & Beverage Service
  • Front Office
  • Housekeeping

We have a well-equipped campus with Training kitchen, Restaurant and Bar, Front Office and housekeeping. We have highly qualified experienced faculties. SYMK institute of hospitality management, New Delhi is located only 2 minutes’ walk from Patel nagar metro station which is a convenient location.

SYMK Institute of Hospitality

Admissions open for 2019

SYMK Institute of Hospitality is happy to announce that admissions for 2019 batch are open for the following courses:

Course Name Duration Eligibility
BSC. In Hotel Management 3 years 12th pass
Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM) 3 years 12th pass
Diploma in Hotel Management 1 year 12th pass
Diploma in Food Production/Culinary 1 year 12th pass
Certificate in Hotel Management 1 year 10th pass
Certificate in Food


1 year 10th pass
Short Term Certificate Courses 6 months 10th pass


SYMK Institute of Hospitality Management, New Delhi has Been established with a vision and goal to serve the best education in the Hospitality Industry. We encourage and nurture future hospitality leaders by delivering them the essential hospitality training from our skilled teachers. We aim to give the best service in hospitality education sector.

We provide 100% job guarantee in written at the time of admission. We have tie-up with all 5 star hotels where we place our students for training and job. We are located in East Patel Nagar, New Delhi which a very feasible location. It is just located 2mins walk from Patel nagar metro station.

We have state of art campus which includes Training kitchen, Training restaurant and bar, Front office and housekeeping lab. Students get Practical knowledge of all the subject with theory. We focus on overall personality development and grooming of the students so they can face any challenges in hotel industry.

Learn Professional Cooking at SYMK Institute of Hospitality Management, New Delhi.

Learn Professional Cooking at SYMK Institute of Hospitality Management, New Delhi.


Salads are cold dish which is made by mixing various cooked and raw vegetable, leafs or fruits. A salad may also include other ingredients like meats, eggs, cheese, fish, etc. It is generally coated with a dressing made up of different ingredients which includes sauces, oils, vinegar, fruit juices, flavorings and seasonings. In hotels sauces are made in cold kitchen which is called Garde Manger/Pantry.

Today, salad has become essential part of the meal all over the world because of its nutritional value. A hearty salad consists of almost all of the nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Salads are easy to digest. Salads are known for their signature ingredient which are leafy greens like Iceberg lettuce, Romaine lettuce, Watercress, Boston lettuce Arugula, Bibb or limestone lettuce, Radicchio, Loose-leaf lettuce, Mesclun, Escarole, Tatsoi, Chicory or curly endive, Mâche, Frisée, Microgreens, Belgian endive, Chinese cabbage or Edible flowers, celery cabbage Spinach.

Structure of Salad:

A salad structure consists of 4 parts,

  1. Base
  2. Body
  3. Garnish
  4. Dressing

Name of some famous salads:

  • Mixed green salad
  • Caesar salad
  • Waldorf salad
  • Salade Niçoise
  • Russian Salad

Salad is an essential part of professional cooking. To learn and work in hotel industry join SYMK Institute of Hospitality Management, New Delhi. We have highly experienced faculties from hotel industry and a well linked placement cell.

Learn, get inspired and grow, pursue hotel management at SYMK Institute of Hospitality Management, Delhi.

Learn, get inspired and grow, pursue hotel management at SYMK Institute of Hospitality Management, Delhi.
Hotel Management is an excellent career option to choose. Growth opportunity in this field is a lot. Hotel industry is continuously growing sector in India and all over the world. So,  there are lot of opportunities for employment and career growth. Salary packages in hotel industry is very handsome and with experience there is lot of growth. Hotel management is a glamorous career as you get a chance to work in a 5 star hotel and also opportunities to meet with celebrity guests.
Hotel’s have 4 core departments which are-:
– Food production
– Food & Beverage service
– Front office
– Housekeeping
A hotel management student have option of selecting his/her career in any of these departments of their choice. So, industrial training can help a student to find their suitable department. Generally industrial training is for 6 months but in some countries also for 1 year.
At SYMK Institute of Hospitality Management,  delhi. We have all the facilities available to carve a student for their career in hotel industry.
We have well built kitchen, food and beverage service areas like restaurant and bar, housekeeping lab and front office. We focus on practical skills of our students so that they don’t face any difficulty in hotels. We have options for International training and jobs in countries like USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai.
SYMK Institute of hospitality management,  delhi guarantees 100% job assurance in written at the time of admission.

Can I pursue Hotel Management after 10th?

Can I pursue Hotel Management after 10th?

A student who has passed 10th examination from CBSE, ICSE or any state board examination is eligible to pursue certificate course in hotel Management of duration 1 year.

Benefits –  This course includes integrated study of all branches of hotel management which includes -:

  • Food Production
  • Food & Beverage Service
  • Front office operations
  • Housekeeping

After completing this course student eligible to work in hotels in any of the above mentioned sections. Any student who has passion for hotel industry and likes to serve people can do this course. Hotel industry has lots of opportunities as this is a growing sector in India as well as abroad. Branded hotels offer a handsome salary package and salary graph increases with experience.

Certificate course from SYMK Institute of Hospitality Management, Delhi.

Duration – 1 year

Eligibility – 10th pass

SYMK Institute of Hospitality Management, Delhi offers certificate course in hotel management. We take pride in our certificate courses and the quality education which we offer. We have highly experienced faculties who are well qualified to teach the students and develop their skills. We follow the module of 6+6 in which we offer 6 months theory classes and for 6 months we send them in 5 star hotels for industrial training.

After industrial training we conduct campus interviews for job. We also take pride in 100% placement guarantee. Our students are groomed in such a way that they are ready to face the challenges of hotel industry.

Other certificate courses which SYMK Institute of Hospitality Management, Delhi offers are-:

  • Certificate in Food production
  • Certificate in Food & Beverage Service
  • Certificate in Front office operations
  • Certificate in Housekeeping

What are the benefits of doing hotel management from SYMK Institute of Hospitality Management, Delhi?

What are the benefits of doing hotel management from SYMK Institute of Hospitality Management, Delhi?
Hotel industry is a fast growing industry in India and the world. New hotels and restaurants are opening on daily basis everywhere. Definitely they require skilled employment. So,  if you pursue hotel management you have an opportunity to make your Career as a
Bar Tender
Wine sommelier
Food and drink Connoisseur
Front office executive
Reservation executive
Housekeeping attendant
Airlines crew member
Air hostess
Cabin crew
Cruise liners
Event management
A person who aspires to work in hospitality industry must possess professional standards and have attitude to work in stressful environment.
At SYMK Institute of Hospitality Management,  Delhi,  we are focused to built a strong base of students. For which we have integrated state of the art
– Practice kitchen
– Practice restaurant
– Practice Bar
– Front office
– and practice Housekeeping lab
Here students learn with hands on experience of practical of all subjects including
Food production
Food and beverage service
Front office
Our students are ready to face any challenges and hardships in the industry. We have a fully fledged platform where we place our students in 5 star properties where they can learn and grow.